A graduate from a recognized University or a person with qualification adjudged to be equivalent to a first degree may be admitted into this programme.


A Candidate with a first degree from a recognized University with a minimum of a second class lower ...(22) division may be admitted. A candidate with a good postgraduate diploma from a recognized University with a professional certification in addition to first degree or HND may also be admitted to a Masters Degree programme.


This curriculum may enroll a graduate from a recognized university or a person with qualifications deemed comparable to a first degree.


A candidate with a good Masters Degree – not less than 60% average score from a recognized University... or 4.00 CGPA on a 5-point scale (or its equivalent on a 4-point scale) may be admitted. A well-researched PhD proposal of not more than 10 pages in the chosen area of specialization should be enclosed with the application form.

Admission Information

Admission Requirements

BUCPGS Admission is filtered. Therefore, to kick-start the admission process, click on the Apply button on your chosen degree/programme. Admission activation attracts a fee of ₦20,000.00. Once... you've completed and submitted the application form online, your log-in details will automatically be sent to your email. You will then use those log-in details to complete your application into BUCPGS and other correspondences.

Admission Timeline

Modules/Admission Sessions:

  1. Regular Module: This runs from September to April every year.
  2. Elongated Module: This runs for 50 weeks (Sundays only), beginning July every year.

Admission Resumption

Dates include:

  1. September
  2. July


To register for the semester, there are various steps to take such as applying for the course to do, making payment for fees and many more